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The TF is handcrafted with: Chip board Cardstock 4 special rings for files.

Fruit and Flora.

    1. Please note that the work is an individual work not a factory, so please be aware that the manufacturing period will vary from file to file and according to the available time and order schedule.
    2. Note that the files are ready from the library and there are no strong files other than the comma-delimited Fabric.
    3. It should be noted that the papers used are printed, so they should not be exposed to moisture or any liquids.
    4. The record contains 3 dividers as a minimum. To request more, please mention it in the additions box.
    5. After a month from use, we completely disclaim our responsibility for the file if it is damaged or torn. As for the papers, we disclaim our responsibility after two months of use.
    6. For those wishing to restore and modify the file, 10 KD will be added.

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