Lanterns, the moon and stars, and more! This beautiful stamp set offers lots of themed images to celebrate the second festival of Eid which follows the Hajj (pilgrimage): Eid al Adha.

Gorgeous detailed flower blooms, an overhead view of the Kabah, stunning lanterns, and a magnificent mosque-rimmed skyline are only some of the memorable images in this set. The fun extra star stamps and hanging crescent moons add to the sparkle and cheer of this set. These stamps can be used in any card wishing your Muslim friends and family members a happy Eid, but can also be used for a variety of other projects, as well. Let out your inner creativity and see what you can create with these stamps!

Eid al Adha Stamp Set

SKU: ALT-1-1
  • This is a 6" x 8" clear stamp set containing 24 stamps made in the USA from high-quality photopolymer.


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